5. The Inspector

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SpatialOS provides a number of tools for development and game operations that can be run in editors like Unreal Editor or in your browser. For example, the GDK for Unreal includes the SpatialOS Debugger which provides debug information in your game client as the game is running. SpatialOS also includes the Inspector, a tool you can use no matter what game code or engine is in development.

The Inspector is a web-based tool that helps you explore the internal state of a SpatialOS game world. It gives you a real time view of what’s happening. You can choose which Actors you want to view and see them across the entire game world, no matter how many objects there are. You can also see each server in a multiserver game and monitor what it is doing.

You can use the Inspector to test and optimise your game during development, or as an operations tool to monitor and diagnose live games.

A dynamic view of your game

You can use the Inspector to view many aspects of your game world, including:

  • The Actors that are in the game world and details about them.
  • The servers that are computing the game world and how much load each one is under.
  • The strategy of each server.
  • Which server is computing which Actor.
  • What data each server is receiving.

The Inspector displays this information in real time, so you can see changes to your game world and Actors when they happen.

Image: Actors in the Inspector.

Image: Actors in the Inspector.

Customize how you see your data

The Inspector offers several pre-defined views of your game world that give you instant insights. For example the World view that shows all entities across the game world or the Workers view that shows each worker in your deployment. When you want to go beyond this, you can create your own views to visualize almost any aspects of your game world.

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