SpatialOS is a networking engine and associated technologies that gives you a foundation to explore scale and fidelity.

With SpatialOS networking solutions we provide:

  • A networking engine built for scale: SpatialOS moves networking to a separate server-side process that lets you create high CCU and richly simulated experiences.
  • A highly optimized networking solution: SpatialOS networking gives you a solution optimized for multiplayer games across your full stack, with a Game Development Kit for Unreal (or other engines such as Unity) and an SDK.
  • A multiplayer partner to help you build standout experiences: With over 800 people dedicated to the future of multiplayer, our goal is to make sure you have the best possible chance of critical acclaim and commercial success.
  • Different architectures to suit different game designs: Depending on your game design, you can use SpatialOS networking to allocate specific game systems to a separate server, or divide game system computation across multiple servers.
  • Create highly dense, high player count experiences: Use SpatialOS networking to experiment with scale and high populations of interacting players, objects and systems.

Work with us to unlock innovation

Contact us to talk with our solutions architects and subject matter experts so that we can identify opportunities for partnership. We work with you collaboratively to understand how our solutions support your design ambitions.

For example, the following are three possible architectures that might solve your design challenges:

  • Offloaded gameplay: Allocate more computation to a specific CPU-intensive game system, such as AI decision-making, by offloading its logic onto a separate game server.
  • Zoned servers: Increase the total computation available for all game systems by using multiple servers to each simulate different areas of a world, with seamless gameplay across server boundaries.
  • High density architecture: Significantly increase the number of interactions on your game systems to support massive player counts in the same area of the world.

Use familiar tools and workflows

We help set up your game to use SpatialOS networking no matter what game code or engine you use. The examples in this documentation are for game code that uses Unreal Engine, but all the concepts apply when you use SpatialOS networking with other game code (for example Unity or your own game engine).

We provide a Game Development Kit (GDK) for Unreal Engine: the GDK for Unreal. The GDK is an Unreal Engine fork and plugin that streamlines your integration with SpatialOS. Out of the box, it provides features of SpatialOS within the familiar workflows and APIs of Unreal, and can be tailored to the needs of your project.

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